TIF 50/50

Receive money back for investing in employee training!

You may be eligible to be reimbursed for up to $15,000 for employee training. North Branch Works is administering the application process for TIFWorks 50/50, an employee training reimbursement program issued by the City of Chicago. Applications are currently being accepted for industrial/manufacturing businesses within the Goose Island TIF and the Addison South TIF. Funds in each corridor will be used on a first come, first serve basis. All training must be pre-approved by the City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development.

Interested in applying for TIFWorks 50/50?

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TIF 50 50- New Hire Training Application
TIF 50 50- Incumbent Employee Training Application

Please contact Krista Kahle Elam for further details and assistance at
krista@northbranchworks.org or (773) 929-5552 ext. 226




Congratulations to the Wagner Foundry!

Wagner will receive $6,500 reimbursed for employee training through TIF 50/50.

The Wagner Foundry recently hired a Chicago resident to be a Mold Maker to work full time. They are investing 3 months of training in this employee who does not have any molder experience prior. The Wagner Foundry applied for TIF 50/50 for training of their new employee and additional outside training for their whole staff. The application got approved and they will be reimbursed $6,500 once the training is completed!

The Wagner Foundry does a variety of metal work and is a well-known casting specialist in bronze, brass and aluminum. Our castings are made from customer supplied patterns, to architectural designs to reproductions from period originals. We cast an assortment of products including machine parts such as levers, gears; tablets for building dedications or landmark designations; life-sized bronze statues and custom furniture.