Lincoln Park Gems

lpg1Lincoln Park Gems opened on 1739 N. Clybourn Ave in November 2012. Viktor and Mia, parents for 4, are the owners of Lincoln Park Gems. Viktor grew up in a family of jewelers, learned quite a bit of the trade from his grandparents, parents and uncles. He additionally went to school in California and became a G.I.A. certified Gemologist. Viktor has been in the industry for about 30 years now. He worked for jewelry stores for the majority of his career.  In 2012, he decided to start his own business and opened Lincoln Park Gems.






Lincoln Park Gems has a broad spectrum of services, including jewelry appraisal, jewelry repair, colored gem stones, custom jewelry, loose diamonds, and remodeling heirlooms. LPG additionally offers alternative metals for men’s bands. Viktor has incredible expertise in restoring antique watches. This family owned business provides unique engagement rings and an assortment of other one-of-a-kind jewelry for customers from all across Chicago! Mia and Viktor are sincerely dedicated to their customers, and feel that the most rewarding part of their job is making the customer happy!


There are beautiful antiques at Lincoln Park Gems and Viktor can certainly restore most family heirlooms. If you are interested in visiting the store, they are located at 1739 N. Clybourn Ave and are open Monday-Friday 11-6PM, and Saturday 10:30-3:30PM. Not available during those times? Make an appointment on the Lincoln Park Gems Website and they will work around your schedule!lpg4