Welcome to the Industrial Corridor: InterUrban
Update: Recent article Interurban Boathouse
InterUrban, currently located at 2008 N Halsted, is an alley-way cafe and pastry joint that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Since 2012, Christine McCabe and her lovely mother have been baking for this quaint local spot. Prior to opening InterUrban, Christine was a consultant who had big dreams of opening shop on the water front. McCabe has been a risk taker her whole life, from making a big career transition to deciding to open a new location for InterUrban!


In 2017, Christine will be expanding InterUrban from her 2 person operation to a new location on 1438 W Cortland, right on the Chicago River in the heart of the North Branch Industrial Corridor! Christine has had her eye on this location for years. She is looking forward to the 606 expanding into the area and being able to have a dock on the river for boaters to stop in for a bite. With the new location opening, InterUrban will be hiring almost 40 employees to help with baking and cooking for InterUrban’s catering and wholesale service, in addition to front-end staff for the restaurant and bar.
Her expansion should be extraordinary and bring a great lunch spot for local employees in the area to stop by. InterUrban will be full service with a seating area in the restaurant, grab & go options, catering services and wholesale services.

Stop by to InterUrban‘s current location for one of their famous homemade pop-tarts and keep an eye out for a new neighbor in the Industrial Corridor¬†in early 2017!