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Mission Statement

North Branch Works is a membership-supported nonprofit neighborhood organization that for more than three decades has promoted balanced, job-creating economic development along the North Branch of the Chicago River. North Branch Works has long been a City of Chicago “delegate agency” providing an array of services to local businesses. As the business environment along the North Branch has shifted, so has North Branch Works’ agenda.

  • North Branch Works defines its business constituency as the whole spectrum of enterprises—manufacturers, other commercial firms, service providers, and artisanal producers—to be found within its service area.
  • North Branch Works seeks local economic development that provides well-compensated employment for residents of Corridor-adjoining neighborhoods such as West Town and Logan Square.
  • North Branch Works proactively seeks out business constituents, collaborates with social service and training organizations aiming to upgrade the local workforce, consults with local residents’ organizations, and advocates for the North Branch, Kennedy, and Addison Industrial Corridors with both the executive and legislative branches of City government.
  • North Branch Works advocates for sustainable and well-planned development along the North Branch, Addison, and Kennedy Industrial Corridors: supporting investment and infrastructure improvements that complement the North Branch’s economic function as a working riverfront. We also seek to minimize environmental hazards as produced by local business, traffic, or other sources and seek river improvements that will enhance the environmental quality of the North Branch of the Chicago River.

December, 2017

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