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We are the leading business development organization that knows the local issues, players and opportunities in the North River Industrial and Addison Corridors. For over 30 years, our neighborhood expertise and relationships have helped grow the local economic base and promote the sustainability of industrial corridors as well as Planned Manufacturing Districts (PMDs).

We advocate on behalf of business interests with the City through our Infrastructure Task Force and other vehicles, and provide workforce development, consulting and community partnerships to help businesses thrive.

Business and Real Estate Development Solutions

We connect businesses and property owners with resources to assist with business expansion and to promote site development. We promote sustainable development and energy cost savings programs, including recycling, energy efficiency and local sourcing and purchasing. We identify development incentives, such as the Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF), Tax Increment Financing (TIF), and Enterprise Zone, that your business qualifies for and help you with the application process.

Industrial Infrastructure Planning

Our Infrastructure Task Force improves the functionality, marketability and attractiveness of the North River and Addison Industrial Corridors for businesses. It meets quarterly with key public agencies and elected officials responsible for area infrastructure and transit planning, and advocates for key public investment that benefits industry, businesses, workers, customers and residents. The Task Force prioritizes business needs and facilitates improvements so businesses can work more effectively, supporting industry and jobs in the area.

Connecting Businesses with Private Resources and Government Services

We advocate for business needs, ensuring that the voices of company owners are heard when decisions are being made on issues that impact business, zoning, infrastructure, security, regulation and more. We interface with government and troubleshoot issues with the City on permits, zoning and alley and street vacations. Through our forums, we promote lean manufacturing by linking businesses with consultants and providers to enhance your competitive edge.