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Resources & Documents

North Branch Plans

Halsted Triangle Plan Update (2020)

North Branch Framework Plan (2017)

River Works (2016)

Industrial Corridor Information

Addison Industrial Corridor Information (2020)

Kennedy Industrial Corridor Information (2020)

North Branch Industrial Corridor Information (2020)

Manufacturing Sector Plans and Studies

Toward a New Paradigm of Development (2021)

Intervening with Aging Owners to Save Industrial Jobs - A Study Update (2019)

Industrial Restructuring and the Continuing Impact on Youth Employment in Illinois (2018)

Revitalizing Manufacturing and Expanding Opportunities for Chicago's Black and Latino Communities (2018)

The Geography of Production Chicago and Its Industrial Corridor System (2017)

Manufacturing Incubator Study (2014)

Chicago Sustainabile Industries - A Business Plan for Manufacturing (2013)

Planned Manufacturing District Study Draft (2013)


Addison Industrial Corridor

Kennedy Industrial Corridor

North Branch Industrial Corridor

Local Industrial Retention Initiative Map

Industrial Corridor Map

TIF Districts

Industrial Corridors

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