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Eden opens for lunch in Avondale

North Branch Works
June 6, 2022

A woman-owned, farm-to-table restaurant, Eden officially opened today for lunch service.

Located in Avondale at 2743 W. Roscoe Street, this organic café offers a variety of drinks and dishes including coffee, smoothies, salads, and sandwiches. Customers can enjoy dinner starting on Wednesday, June 22nd.

Owner Jodi Fyfe envisions Eden as a community destination where people can work remotely, sip coffee and smoothies in the morning, and savor salads and hand-cut sandwiches for lunch. Plates come with fresh bread that is baked on-site.

Eden’s new location is 25,000 square feet and runs along the North Branch of the Chicago River. It includes a greenhouse where staff plans to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables to supplement its supply chain from local farms.

The restaurant’s main dining area can accommodate up to ninety people while its two private dining rooms can serve an additional fifty guests.

Private dining room at Eden

An additional eighteen seats are available at the Eden’s indoor bar and up to thirty people can enjoy the venue’s spectacular outdoor patio. The bar will also feature offerings from women-and minority-owned wineries.

Indeed, sustainability is one of the restaurant’s core values; the firm uses eco-friendly disposable packaging and manages an on-site composting program.

Eden is one of the Paramount Group’s dynamic five brands, which create incredible culinary and events experiences for its customers.

North Branch Works staff was honored to join Eden for a tour and an outstanding lunch in the dining area. We’d like to congratulate Jodi and her team on a successful opening.

NBW highly recommends visiting Eden for food and drinks as well as hosting private events there.

To connect with Eden and the Paramount Group, please reach out to the business at 773-880-8044 or

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