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H2-XPRESS joins North Branch Works

North Branch Works
April 4, 2024

After years in the water treatment industry, Brian Burgess envisioned a new level of service for customers and a more sustainable approach to a mature industry.

His passion for environmental sustainability and a desire to make a meaningful impact led to the founding of H2-XPRESS.

Based in Lincoln Park, H2-XPRESS offers expert water treatment services for industrial and commercial buildings. Specializing in steam boilers, cooling towers, and hydronic HVAC systems, H2-XPRESS focuses on "Process Water Treatment" or "Industrial Water Treatment."

In an era where energy efficiency is paramount, it's crucial to note that the most efficient day for heating and cooling equipment is its installation day. Water treatment not only prevents decay and acute problems but also extends the equipment's lifespan and maintains efficiency.

Brian often compares water treatment services to visiting a car mechanic. While you may trust your current mechanic, getting a fresh perspective and a second opinion can be beneficial.

A complex array of pipes in a TMU mechanical room.

H2-XPRESS services not only include HVAC water treatment, but also potable (drinking) water solutions including lead and bacterial testing.

Operating throughout the Chicagoland region with nationwide consulting services, H2-XPRESS, emphasizes sustainability. Brian personally travels by bicycle whenever possible, including visits to all facilities in the North Branch. The bicycle service area commitment reflects his belief that advocating for corporate sustainability begins with leading by example in running his own company as sustainably as possible.

Brian offers initial consultations at no cost, targeting industrial firms, manufacturing companies, and commercial property owners as ideal clients.

With questions and to set up an appointment with Brian, please contact him at 773-633-7203 or

Brian is a Certified Water Technologist from the Association of Water Technologists and associate professor of Process Water Treatment at Triton College.

North Branch Works is thrilled to welcome H2-XPRESS as a new member business. We highly recommend working with Brian and his team.

Image credits: H2-XPRESS

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