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Strengthening local nonprofits with BACP

North Branch Works
July 24, 2023

During the pandemic, nonprofits in Chicago faced unprecedented challenges and strove to meet increased demand for services without additional funding.

With inflation causing higher operating costs, it has been hard for many organizations to recover fully.

For these reasons, North Branch Works (NBW) is honored to have been selected as a delegate agency for the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection’s Nonprofit Capacity Building Program (NCB).

NBW will work with organizations to identify and apply for grants and growth opportunities. We recognize that nonprofits know their neighborhoods the best; we simply want to add value to this important work and help meet community needs.

The NCB Program features webinars, organization promotion, information sharing, technical assistance, and events. One-on-one consulting sessions are available every week with the Women’s Business Development Center—please contact the WBDC at 312-500-0438 or

We have expertise in outreach using social media and e-newsletters. Our team produces two newsletters every month featuring growth opportunities, resources, and community events. To sign up for our e-newsletter, please go here.

NBW will hold events for 25-100+ attendees and work with organizations to meet community needs in their neighborhood. Topics might include access to capital, corporate governance, budgeting, applying for City of Chicago grants, registering a nonprofit with, and more.

We can provide technical assistance with grant applications and connect organizations with assets and partners in our service area that will help them grow.

For more information and to sign up for the Nonprofit Capacity Building Program, please visit the program website. Every week this website is updated with new workshops and resources. 

With questions and to join NBW’s Nonprofit Capacity Building Program, please contact Genevieve Cook, Outreach Associate, at 773-929-5552 x2236 or

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