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35 businesses apply to SBIF in Western Avenue South

North Branch Works
March 6, 2024

The City of Chicago’s Small Business Improvement Fund continues to see strong demand from businesses in the North Branch.

In February, SBIF was available in the Western Avenue South TIF District; we’re thrilled to share that a record number, thirty-five businesses, applied for grants including our member, Delmark Records (pictured).

SBIF provides businesses with reimbursable grants for permanent building improvements. Commercial businesses can receive up to $150,000 while industrial firms are eligible for a maximum of $250,000 with 50% project reimbursement.

Funds can be used for projects such as storefront renovations, building systems, interior remodeling, roof replacements, as well as new windows and doors.

North Branch Works staff conducted extensive outreach for the program in Western Avenue South, including writing stories promoting SBIF in the newsletters of Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward) and Ald. Matt Martin (47th Ward).

We also canvassed in Western Avenue South, leading to in-person meetings that generated multiple applications. In addition, we made hundreds of phone calls and sent emails and letters encouraging eligible businesses to apply.

E&J Foreign Cars in Western Avenue South, a 2021 SBIF recipient

Here’s the official list of SBIF applications that are currently being processed:

  • Hermina Patel Agent State Farm Insurance
  • Vintech Systems Inc..
  • Philip Gore
  • Irmas Magic Beauty Salon
  • Delmark Records LLC
  • Animal Ark on Rockwell PC dba Heal Veterinary Clinic
  • Underface LLC dba The Bevy Salon
  • 4301 N Western Avenue Inc.
  • Cole’s Appliance & Furniture Co.
  • Burning Bush Brewery
  • Crown Sewing Cleaners & Alternations
  • Nopalitos LLC dba Irenes Breakfast & Lunch
  • TT & GC LLC
  • Irving Park Rehab Center dba Irving Park Chiropractic Center
  • Heltzer Real Estate LLC
  • Northcenter Lighthouse dba Children’s Lighthouse
  • LYRIQ Music School LLC
  • Western Automatic Music Inc.
  • Display Specialists Inc.
  • Pick Your Color Nails LLC
  • Brunt Tiger.
  • Northcenter Chamber of Commerce
  • Madden Sewer & Drain Inc.
  • A. Gonzalez Insurance Agency
  • Frank Feim Azizi
  • Trinity Mahbir LLC dba Indian Clay Pot
  • OUAC 60523 Inc dba Kidzmax
  • Red Sea Property LLC
  • Brownstone Tavern & Grill
  • Environmental Futures Inc
  • Phoenix Bond & Indemnity Company
  • Golden Shears Studio
  • Boringuen
  • Dizzy Cow

SBIF continues to open in TIF Districts across the city every month. Some SBIFs that will open close to our service area include:

  • Western Avenue North in March 2024
  • West Irving Park in March 2024

The next TIF District scheduled to open in the North Branch are Addison South in October of 2024 and River West in December of 2024.

To see a full calendar of SBIF openings, please go here.

With questions about SBIF and NBW’s low-interest Small Business Loan Fund, please contact Steve Simmons, 773-929-5552 x2226 or

Image credits: Delmark Records & E&J Foreign Cars

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