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Backyard BBQ with Trogo Kitchen & Market

North Branch Works
May 21, 2024

Trogo Kitchen and Market is expanding outdoors for the summer with its backyard BBQ series. The series will take place at Trogo's urban farm, located across from Maplewood Brewery.

You will be able to grab a beverage from Maplewood and then head across the alley to enjoy food from Chef Rick Spiros and Trogo's owner Cian O'Mahony, including vegetarian options from Chef Lolita Sereleas.

Dishes feature ingredients from Trogo's farm as well as local vendors like Maplewood Brewery, Four Star Mushrooms, and Caruso Provisions.

Each menu will include a plant-based option as well as rotating dessert options. Dates for July and August will be posted on Trogo's website soon.

Check out the menu and hours of operation for May and June here.

Tock reservations can be made here.

Image credit: Trogo Kitchen & Market

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