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Boulevard Bistro opens on Jan. 9th

North Branch Works
January 5, 2023

A new, woman-owned restaurant called Boulevard Bistro (2753 N Western Avenue) will open for breakfast and lunch on Monday, January 9th.

Located in the space formerly occupied by Cornerstone Café in the 32nd Ward, the menu will feature similar diner-style and home-cooked food.

We are thrilled to see another woman-owned business opening in our service area and look forward to connecting the business to grants, city programs, and our members.

If you haven’t been to this location, Boulevard Bistro is at the corner of Western and Elston Avenues. It’s a great place for business and lunch meetings.

Getting to Boulevard Bistro via public transportation is convenient with the CTA's #76 Diversey Bus and #49 Western Avenue Bus each stopping near the restaurant.

North Branch Works members and supporters can help Boulevard Bistro by visiting and helping spread the word.

We’d like to congratulate the owner, Daria, on receiving her City of Chicago business license in December of 2022.

Prior to opening Boulevard Bistro, Daria and her husband worked for Cornerstone Café.

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