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eGenBPO offers premium outsourcing services

North Branch Works
November 11, 2022

Tapping into the highly skilled workforce in Sri Lanka at a reasonable cost just became easier for North Branch businesses with the recent opening of eGenBPO in Chicago.

A registered company in Sri Lanka and the USA, eGenBPO helps businesses grow by connecting them with well-educated and experienced professionals who complete high-quality work.

The company offers a wide variety of services, including data and document digitizing, educational material development, accounts and tax data entry, call centers, data processing, content writing, image processing and editing, video editing and captioning.

Please see this brochure for more information about these valuable services.

Along with providing services in a confidential and secure environment, eGenPBO offers a free trial to each of its business clients.

Hiring eGenPBO is a great, low-risk way for firms to steadily expand their sales volume while keeping labor costs low.

Indeed, eGenBPO was founded by accomplished professionals with a passion to solve highly complex business and technological challenges.

These innovative leaders came to eGenBPO from many industries such as broadcasting, supply chain, information technology and academia.

At the same time, they recognized the labor market in Sri Lanka presented an incredible opportunity to strengthen businesses in the U.S. and along the North Branch.

Located in South Asia, Sri Lanka has a literacy rate of over 90% as well as a remarkably high number of residents with graduate degrees and savvy Internet skills.

However, Sri  Lanka has one of the lowest labor rates in Asia, which presents a valuable resource to U.S. companies that want to expand by partnering with eGenBPO.

Recently, eGenPBO joined North Branch Works as a member business. We’d like to warmly welcome the company to our network.

Our members and supporters can help eGenBPO by keeping the company in mind as a potential partner and referring business opportunities.

With questions and to network with eGenBPO, please contact:

Image credits: eGenBPO

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