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Plan Commission approves golf simulator in Triangle Square

North Branch Works
March 30, 2022

In February, the Chicago Plan Commission approved an amendment that allows a golf simulator to move into the ground floor of the Triangle Square residential development located at 2131 N. Elston Avenue (pictured).

The project is an investment of $1.1 million in the North Branch Industrial Corridor and will activate a vacant commercial space.

It’s expected the business will create between 15-20 permanent and approximately 75 construction jobs during the buildout.

North Branch Works is thrilled a job-creating business will move into our service area and add a recreational destination that will strengthen local economic development.

Our letter of support to the Chicago Plan Commission highlights this point and others.

We are pleased the business has made a strong commitment to employ minority and women-owned construction firms and to hire Chicago residents.

In addition, the business is working closely with community stakeholders, including the 32nd Ward.

North Branch Works would like to congratulate Lionsmane Partners LLC on the approval of this amendment and welcome the company to the neighborhood.

We look forward to connecting you with city programs, financial resources, and to businesses in our network.

Stay tuned for an announcement about the opening of the golf simulator on our blog and social media later this summer.

Image credit: Lamar Johnson Collaborative

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