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Plan Commission approves rezoning of 1690 N. Elston Ave.

North Branch Works
December 23, 2021

Last Thursday, the Chicago Plan Commission approved the rezoning of 1690 N. Elston Avenue from M3-3 to C3-3.

This change allows for the existing two-story building (pictured) to be used entirely for offices as well as the construction of new office space.

Although North Branch Works usually advocates for the preservation of land zoned for industrial and manufacturing, we supported this rezoning because it allows for light manufacturing, prohibits residential use, and supports job-creating businesses moving into the area.

Read our letter of support for the rezoning of 1690 N. Elston to the Chicago Plan Commission.

In addition, our staff provided testimony in support of the rezoning during the Plan Commission’s Dec. 16th meeting.

Formerly the home of the Howard Medical Company, 1690 N Elston is located in our service area and the 2nd Ward. We are confident the rezoning will not adversely impact the viability of the Elston Avenue Industrial Corridor and the industrial businesses currently operating there.

It’s an excellent adaptive reuse of a former industrial building that preserves its legacy as an employment center.

Along with supporting our business attraction efforts, North Branch Works is especially encouraged by the rezoning’s projected job benefits such as the creation of seventy-five permanent jobs and seventy-five construction jobs.

As the project moves forward, we’ll continue to monitor it and provide updates.

North Branch Works looks forward to working with the developer, Property Adventures Corporation, to  support the existing businesses at 1690 N. Elston Avenue and attract new ones that provide high-quality jobs to Chicago residents.

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