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Plan Commission approves rezoning of 1308 N. Elston

North Branch Works
February 20, 2023

Last Thursday, the Chicago Plan Commission approved the rezoning of 1308 N. Elston Avenue from M3-3 to C2-3.

This zoning change will allow the developer, Farpoint Development, to attract a wider range of businesses such as a dental practice and dance studio to the six-story former industrial building.

The previous zoning did not allow for these uses.

NBW staff met with Farpoint Development and carefully reviewed this request. We testified in support of this zoning change at Plan Commission and submitted a letter of support.

We’re pleased that new firms are coming and will bring jobs to our service area.

1308 N. Elston Avenue is located in the North Branch Industrial Corridor; the building is home to many of our member businesses including KDM Engineering, 1308 Chicago, and First Women’s Bank.

1308 Chicago

Although we support this rezoning, we would like to point out that C2-3 allows for residential use. Farpoint Development promised us that they have no plans to add residential units at this location.

Given this area is home to many industrial companies, we see it as essential that residential units are not built at 1308 N. Elston as they would introduce a conflicting use.

Our letter to the Plan Commission makes these and other points.

Industrial companies currently operating near the building include Elston Avenue Materials, WM, and Mars Wrigley. And a modern, two-story logistics facility is currently under construction near 1308 N. Elston at the southwest corner of Elston Avenue and Division Street.

These firms provide high-quality, family-sustaining jobs to Chicago residents. It’s important that zoning changes do not put pressure on these economic and community-wealth building anchors.

At the same time, we look forward to supporting the new businesses at 1308 N. Elston and connecting them to grants, city programs, and companies in our network.

This rezoning now moves to City Council where it is highly likely to be approved.

We’d like to congratulate Farpoint Development on the rezoning making it to City Council and thank Alderman Walter Burnett (27th Ward) for including NBW in this important dialogue.

Image credits: Farpoint Development

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